The workflow is your continual guide of using the system

The first thing you do when you log in to the system at the start of the day is to go to your Workflow. This is designed to be the continual guide to using the system.

Finplan automatically tells you which cases to chase up, at which stage you are, and even opens the case for you, – removing the need to search.

Simply double-click on the individual items and go through your list.

Tick off the outstanding tasks when finished, or mark them for review on a future date. Once your workflow is empty, you are finished with your daily tasks.

At the end of each day your workflow must be clear!

Log into the FinPlan system


Go to your Workflow

Finplan tells you


Double-click on each item


Go through your list and tick off the tasks you are finished with


Or mark them for a future review


Once your Workflow is empty, you are finished. No further action is needed in FinPlan.