Very easy to use even for non-technical staff

FinPlan’s powerful Workflow system keeps you on top of all of the tasks you need to complete each day.

Easy migration from other systems

We provide data migration services to assist in the adoption of your new FinPlan system.

Cloud-hosted system for easy access

We use challenge response mechanism based on a cryptographic hash algorithm to authenticate users.

Configured to your specific needs

A dedicated account manager assists you during the entire implementation process.

Saves your precious time so that you can focus on clients

The system provides all of the tools necessary to manage your processes from lead generation and fact finding, to regulatory reporting, tracking fees and income.

Automated and regular backups

Data is automatically backed up to multiple physical locations at different high-quality service providers.

Systems are frequently updated

Our agile development methodology ensures that we deliver regular enhancements.

Specifically designed for the UK IFA market

We maintain a high-quality team with several years of experience in the UK Financial Services market.

The next generation practice management

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