You can create a brief fact find for use at an initial meeting and a more detailed fact find for use when it is required.

Fact find templates can be configured, named and shared to all users and your firm can decide which fields within each fact find (if any) will be mandatory for fact find completion. Supplementary fact finds are removed and a single fact find can now be used for protection, investment, pension or mortgage business – the content of the fact find will adapt based on the identified requirements.

The fact find declaration paragraphs are editable and new wording can be added when required. Different paragraphs can be used for different fact find templates so that, for example, the declaration on a mortgage-focused fact find can be different from that designed to cover investment business.

The New Enquiry Wizard can be similarly configured and tailored. Different named enquiry templates can be created for different situations and any details captured during the enquiry are populated to the fact find when created.

Protection quotes can be launched from the New Enquiry (or fact find) when required to streamline the process.

The new fact find technology represents a leap forward in terms of usability and puts you in control of the fact find process.

The FinPlan ‘Company Manager’ can configure the fact find to determine the level of detail that is required to complete the fact find. Items can be marked as mandatory, to restrict filing the fact find before completion, and different custom versions of the fact find can be created to accommodate different client or enquiry types.

Each fact find can be customised to:

  • Add or remove specific questions from a pre-defined list;
  • Add or remove pages of the fact find where detail is not required;
  • Set the mandatory requirements for each fact find (including no mandatory data);
  • Configure and name different fact finds for different situations/clients;
  • Launch quote generation directly from the Fact Find or Enquiry; and
  • Fact find dynamically changes based on the requirements to add additional elements, removing the requirement for supplementary fact finds.

The level of detail required for the fact find can be customised and different fact finds can be generated for different enquiry types if required.

The Page Configuration option lets the Company Manager remove individual items from the fact find, or optionally suppress the whole page. Each of the available items can also be flagged as Mandatory. When flagged as Mandatory, the fact find cannot be filed unless an answer has been provided for the specific question.

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