FinPlan R9.24 Update

GDPR and Portal Enhancements

FinPlan R9.24 is now available. Your system may not yet have been updated but you will automatically receive the update when it is applied to your cloud server system.

This update sees the introduction of many new enhancements to support your GDPR processes and improvements to the Client Portal.

The R9.24 release contains the features and enhancements listed below:

  • NEW GDPR – Consent Recording
  • NEW GDPR – Package Client Data
  • NEW GDPR – Permanent Delete & Recycle Bin
  • NEW GDPR – Bulk Delete Clients
  • NEW Client Access Restriction & Restricted Processing
  • NEW Portal – Improved Portal Activation
  • NEW Portal – Activity Improvements
  • A number of bug-fixes and corrections

GDPR - Consent Recording

Users are now able to record consent within FinPlan with the new Consent & Marketing screen that is available against each client. As part of this update, all previous consent that have been given will be removed and users will have to make a record of the consent that has been given by the client on this screen. Please see an example of consent recorded against a client below:

Client consent

Any consent that is recorded within the system, must be supported by some form of evidence. If consent is subsequently withdrawn by the client, it should then be recorded so that it is clear when the consent was active for. If an activity is attempted for which no consent has been given, a pop-up warning will be displayed as per the example below:

GDPR - Package Client Data

You are now able to request all data for a specific client in an encrypted format via the New Business team. Once this request has been made, you will be provided with a package of the client data including all documents, emails and voice recordings.

GDPR - Permanent Delete & Recycle Bin

As part of this release, it is now possible to permanently delete data from the system via the new Recycle Bin (View => Recycle Bin) or the new Recycle Bin Workflow, which is accessible for Company Managers.

The deletion process is that if you delete any item (document or client), it will move to the Recycle Bin. The item has been removed from the system so you can no longer search for it in FinPlan but you are able to restore it as an option within the Recycle Bin.

As can be seen from the screenshot:


Items that are in the Recycle Bin can be added to a Deletion Session ready for them to be removed from the system. When created, a Deletion Session must first be approved by a Company Manager and then a second check must take place before this session can be deleted. Once the session has been checked, it will need to be processed for the deletion to take place.

When a session has been processed, all items in that session will be permanently removed from the system (including all cloud servers). From this point, it is no longer possible to recover any data from the Deletion Session.

GDPR - Bulk Delete Clients

A new feature that is available to Company Managers is the ability to Bulk Delete Clients via the View->Bulk Delete Clients menu option. The feature allows the entire client database to be searched for client records where there has been no ‘recent’ processing.

Users are able to configure the cut off period to a specific date that they wish to search for. There are also several filters available to restrict whether clients are included in the search or not.

After you have completed the search and selected the clients that you wish to delete, the client files will be added to the Recycle Bin and then the same process of deletion must be followed.

GDPR - Client Access Restriction & Restricted Processing

A new screen has been added to the Client Details menu labelled ‘Client Access Restrictions’. This new screen gives a Company Manager the ability to lock a client record. Once the record has been locked it becomes read-only. If a user wishes to access this record they will be asked to provide justification, which will be added to the audit trail of the record.

Another option has been added to the same screen, this allows an adviser’s client to be restricted to specific users only. This new feature will override the Trust Relationships that have been configured within your system. For example, if an adviser has the permissions to view a colleague’s clients, this feature allows a particular client to be restricted regardless.

Portal - Improved Portal Activation

With the ever-increasing need to provide secure messaging and document exchange, we have added a new feature where all clients within the system have a portal account created automatically. This enables you to send documents to their portal and then grant them access to view these documents afterwards. It is now easier than ever to be able to send a document straight from the framework:


Once you have uploaded your document select ‘Send To Portal’ and this will send the document to the client’s portal regardless of whether they have access or not.

New sections have also been added to the Adviser Workflow to show those clients that are Not Activated (no invitation has been sent) or Pending (invitation has been sent but have not yet activated).

As you can see from the screenshot below, you are able to activate multiple clients at once. If you wish to remove this from your workflow, you are able to select the clients and click ‘Remove From Workflow’.


The Client Portal activation status is now also shown within the Client Summary and can also be seen in the title-bar of the client:


The client can now be sent the invitation to the Client Portal from the ‘Account Details’ screen in the client record. You can also send the invitation and the activation code via SMS. Once the invitation has been sent, it will now show the Adviser who sent the invitation and their firm name.

Portal - Bulk Clear Activity

Within the Portal Activity, it is now possible to mark multiple items as ‘Read’, within the Portal Activity feed.

Notifications On FinPlan Home Screen

To ensure that no Portal Activity, Portal Message or Announcement notifications are missed on the home screen, these buttons now flash when there is a new notification that needs your attention.

Cofunds Reference Change

A tool has been added to FinPlan to assist with Cofunds’ platform migration to Aegon. The tool will then update the records in FinPlan so that the new numbers replace the old. When you are in a position to apply the new numbers, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Web API Consent Fields

New fields have been added to the main Web Enquiry Service API to support the delivery of client consent details from web leads.

Updating Your System

This update will be applied to the cloud servers starting in the week commencing Tuesday 8 May. All users will be updated to this latest version of FinPlan by Friday 18 May.

There is no action you need to take to receive the update. With FinPlan Cloud your system is automatically updated with the latest features and bug-fixes.


Should you have any questions regarding this update, please contact the Service Desk who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.