Bluecoat Software has been highly honoured to be the first practice management consultancy in the UK invited to appear in The Parliamentary Review, in recognition of our specialist expertise.

Each of the twelve separate editions of the Review focuses on a key governmental policy area, with leading organisations and executives sharing personal insight and discussing good practice alongside Cabinet and senior ministers.

By combining commentaries from award-winning journalists with innovative thinking from industry experts, The Parliamentary Review provides a comprehensive summary of the past year and a reliable template for the year to come.

The Technology Edition of the Review highlights best practices in the finance industry with a strategic aim of raising standards. It is considered to be an indispensable guide to best practices in the industry and highlights how leaders in their field have been innovative and responded to economic and political change. In recent years, it has featured forewords by David Cameron, George Osborne, Philip Hammond, and this year by Prime Minister Theresa May.


The Parliamentary Review’s director Daniel Yossman commented: “Bluecoat Software and other hardworking organisations from across the country have come together to make this year’s Review possible.

Speaking about Bluecoat Software’s contribution to The Review, our Managing Director, Mark Skelding, commented: “There are many exciting projects currently under review and platform security will continue to be a hugely important part of our future development strategy.

We see the further development of our existing Portal technologies being significant and we continue to lead the industry-wide developments relating to wealth platforms and robo advice.

I would like to thank all of our clients who have given us invaluable feedback throughout the design and development phases of our projects.”

Photo left: Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith with our Managing Director

The latest Technology Edition of The Parliamentary Review was released on 13th September and you can access a soft copy of the Bluecoat Software’s feature here: 

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