Start a Conversation with Inbound SMS

and Multi-message SMS

Multi-Message SMS

You now have the flexibility to say more in a text message. Multi-message SMS supports messages of up to 459 characters where standard SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. Multi-message SMS automatically breaks up longer messages into separate texts and then recombines them on the recipient’s phone so that they see the whole, single message as one text.

You don’t have to ‘do’ anything to use Multi-message SMS, simply write your message and FinPlan deals with the complicated ‘glueing and sticking’ to get the job done.

Whenever you create an SMS message, you will see the current character count, along with the number of SMS messages being used to send the message. There is no additional charge for the Multi-message service – however, each SMS used to send the message is charged to your account. This means that a message of 307 characters, for example, will use three SMS message credits to send.


Inbound SMS

Inbound SMS can now be received directly to your FinPlan system. Messages are processed by using a pre-registered mobile number as the SMS Sender ID. When the recipient replies to the text, it comes back into FinPlan. This number only accepts inbound SMS messages and a person dialling the number will get an unobtainable signal.

Once configured, the import process is automatic and any text sent to the number will appear in FinPlan within 60 seconds of receipt.

When an SMS message is received in FinPlan, an alert is added to the Home Page. This shows the number of unread messages currently awaiting processing. If the SMS is from a Client in response to an SMS sent from FinPlan or the sender’s mobile number matches a record within FinPlan, the message will be automatically linked to that client record and can be viewed in the SMS log for that client.

This service requires the rental of an inbound SMS number from Bluecoat Software. There are charges associated with each mobile number registered. A different number is required for each target database (i.e. if in-bound SMS are to be processed in both LMS and FinPlan, two separate numbers are required).

Please contact  for details of the pricing for this service.

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