Finplan integrates iPipeline SolutionBuilder 24 Oct 2017

Bluecoat Software’s Finplan has integrated iPipeline’s SolutionBuilder, a client-centric, research, quote and apply solution, which allows advisers to easily compare both simple and complex protection needs within a simplified and responsive UI. Providing a comprehensive service, the solution supports single and multi-benefit products so that advisers can quickly identify the right solution, based on their client’s needs and budget.

With this fast and efficient integration tool, Finplan enables advisers to easily find the right protection insurance for their clients with instant indicative quotes, and compare protection needs across multiple products including Life, Critical Illness, Business Protection, Whole of Life and Income Protection Insurance.

In addition, they can receive an instant underwriting decision in principal with XRAE, helping manage client expectations early in the process, and retain quote data for up to 90 days.

Some of the main benefits:

Intelligent matrix quoting displays multiple cover options across multiple product sets in a single view, promoting cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

The process of researching protection is made much more straightforward and is interlinked with the identification of customers’ needs.

The cost of cover and any suitable alternatives is made available quickly and easily, enabling advisers to better engage with clients.

Quoted information can be stored for future reference or re-used for further client options, saving advisers time.

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