FinPlan Provider Integrations 26 Feb 2020

Enhanced FinPlan Provider Integrations

FinPlan has 30 current and many planned integrations with financial services providers in 2020.  Integration with a wide variety of financial services providers offers a multitude of benefits for FinPlan users.  Ongoing developments will continue to improve reconciliation and valuation services across the FinPlan service.  Integration enables faster delivery speeds, enhanced responsiveness and optimal efficiency and competitiveness for firms to deliver best advice services to their clients.

As we are continuing to improve reconciliation and valuation services within FinPlan across 2020, we have a number of open integration projects with our provider partners.  Should existing clients wish to submit a stakeholder request for a provider integration, please contact us: [email protected] or request an integration with FinPlan through your provider’s BDM or representative.

Integrations with FinPlan:

  • Aegon (Cofunds) Real Time Valuation Service
  • Aegon (Cofunds) Bulk Valuation Service
  • Aegon One Retirement Bulk Valuation Service
  • Aegon Retirement Choices Bulk Valuation Service
  • Aviva Real Time Valuations
  • Aviva Platform Bulk Valuation Service
  • Brooks Macdonald Bulk Valuation Service
  • Canada Life Real Time Valuation Service
  • Canada Life International Real Time Valuation Service
  • Clerical Medical Real Time Valuations
  • Cofunds Real Time Valuations
  • Fidelity Real Time Valuations
  • FidelityFundsNetwork Bulk Valuation Service
  • Friends Provident Real Time Valuations
  • Liverpool Victoria Real Time Valuations
  • Novia Bulk Valuation Service
  • Nucleus Bulk Valuation Service
  • Old Mutual Wealth Real Time Valuations
  • Old Mutual Wealth (Platform) Real Time Valuations
  • Old Mutual Wealth Bulk Valuation Service
  • Parmenion Bulk Valuation Service
  • Prudential Real Time Valuations
  • Quilter Bulk Valuations
  • Scottish Equitable Real Time Valuations
  • Scottish Widows Real Time Valuations
  • Seven Investment Management Real Time Valuations
  • Seven Investment Management Bulk Valuations
  • Standard Life Real Time Valuations
  • Transact Bulk Valuations
  • Zurich Real Time Valuations

For assistance in configuring the FinPlan Online Valuation or Bulk (Automatic) Valuations, please contact the [email protected].  For Commission Reconciliation/ EDI setup or queries, please contact a Service Delivery Manager at [email protected].

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