The gateway between your FinPlan records and your clients 24 Oct 2017

In today’s information security conscious world you cannot afford to operate without the protection of secure messaging and document exchange between you and your clients.

FinPlan Client Portal provides the gateway between your FinPlan records and your clients and allows them to send and receive secure, encrypted messages using any web-enabled device. Not only that, but you can also exchange documents securely, removing the hazard of using insecure mediums such as email to transfer confidential financial details.

FinPlan Portal allows your clients to view the plans and policies they have in force and see the latest valuation figures for each. The Portal is designed to operate from any web-enabled device so you and your clients can use an iPad, smart-phone or any of the major browsers to access the details from anywhere on the planet.

Some of the main benefits of the Client Portal:

  • Automated population of plan details from FinPlan to the Portal;
  • Secure messaging;
  • Secure document exchange;
  • Automated email notifications when new
    documents or messages are available;
  • Access to plans and policy details, including
    current valuations;
  • Access to Administration progress (if enabled);
  • Portal can be themed to match your corporate
    colours and logo;
  • You decide the clients who can access the
  • Fact find details completion/update via the

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