to implement platform changes in the most efficient manner

  • The mission of our change management process is to implement platform changes in the most efficient manner, whilst minimising any negative impact on existing customers when changes are implemented.
  • We have developed a set of best practices for change management that makes it easier to roll out and prioritise changes efficiently. It is important not to implement change without direction.

What is Change Management?

Change management is a process designed to understand and minimise risks while making IT changes.

At Bluecoat Software we apply a formal process to accomplish change and therefore, it is sometimes thought of as making change more difficult by adding “red tape.” But a properly implemented change management process can enable a greater volume of useful change than would be possible without it.

Our Process

Request for change review

All proposed changes are evaluated for their benefits and risks. All impacts are considered


Change planning

Our project management team prepare the implementation plans for changes


Change approval

The proposed changes are formally assessed at a candidate review meeting


Change scheduling

The project management team schedule any approved changes via our Development Roadmap


Change development

Our software development team code the changes to the software


Software Testing

Our Technical Services team ensure that all changes are thoroughly tested prior to the release of any new software. This is categorised into the following areas;
- Unit testing

- Integration testing

- System testing

- Acceptance testing


Change documentation

Our Technical Author follows this process to write the release notes to accompany the software update.


Phased Release

Any changes to the platform are made using a ‘phased release’ strategy. This minimises any risk of disruption and each deployment includes a back-out plan to restore the state of the environment in the unlikely event that the deployment fails.


Stakeholder Involvement

Stakeholder engagement model

A robust stakeholder engagement model is vital for us to be able to understand and respond to legitimate stakeholder ideas, interests and new system requirements.

Stakeholder engagement process

At Bluecoat Software we assign a specific Project Manager to ensure the necessary focus and attention is placed on the engagement process.

Regular feedback and updates to stakeholders are incorporated within the plan to enable the process and to create the necessary visibility.

Consultative Approach

We encourage stakeholders to be involved in our process, we will ask questions and engage directly, where this is required.

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