FinPlan R9.28

Bluecoat Software - October Update to all Systems

FinPlan R9.28 is now available. Your system will automatically receive the update when it is applied to your cloud server.

We are bringing you the October Update based on the feedback that we have received from you. This release sees the addition of a number of new features listed below, as well as a number of fixup items.

  • NEW – Portal Messages Filtering;
  • NEW – Enquiry Details for Web Leads;
  • NEW – Suitability Letter Version Control;
  • NEW – Mortgage Sourcing – Allow Top Slicing Products;
  • NEW – Standard Life Wrap Valuations; and
  • A Number of Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements.

Portal Messages Filtering

We have added filtering to the “Portal Messages” section on the homepage of FinPlan.

You will now be able to filter your incoming and outgoing messages by:

  • Date
  • From and To
  • Hide Read Messages
  • Messages with Attachments Only



This section of FinPlan uses trust relationships, therefore, the messages that you will be able to see are linked to the other users who trust your user account. Company Managers will be able to see messages from/to all users.

Enquiry Details for Web Leads

We have added a new tab to Mortgage and Protection Enquiries. This tab will appear if the lead you are processing is a web-based lead or a lead transferred from LMS.

This section will provide you with any notes and information that were brought into FinPlan when the lead was transferred.

Suitability Letter Version Control

When generating a “Suitability Letter” as part of a Mortgage or Protection enquiry, you will now be able to copy this letter, maintaining all of the added paragraphs and changes that you have made to the letter. A “Created Date” will be attached to the letter and this will remain linked to the letter’s audit trail in FinPlan. You will be able to see the date when the Suitability Letter was “Filed” in the Name tab. A new button has been added to the page allowing you to Copy the letter.

Mortgage Sourcing - Allow Top Slicing Products

We have updated our mortgage sourcing solution, we have added a new filter to allow you to include or remove Top Slicing Products. This will allow you to source mortgage products for “Buy to Let” mortgages.


Standard Life Wrap Valuations

You will now be able to request online valuations for Wrap Products from Standard life. We have added a new field on the valuation screen for Standard Life for Wrap details to be entered.


General Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Fixed a rounding error in Nucleus Valuations;
  • Fixed a bug on the Client Portal for Intended Retirement Age;
  • Generating a new “Fact Find” will now default to a “Fact Find” in the enquiry owners name;
  • Portfolio Report – the Gain column has now been changed to say “Gain or (Loss)” to increase clarity of values in the column;
  • FinPlan Head Office Changes:
    • A new field “Managed By Us” has been added to the policy record. This field allows member firms to record the policies and associated funds that are managed by the firm. The new field can be used by the Funds Under Management Report to exclude policies and funds that are not managed by a member firm.
    • For pensions submitted to Network, you will now be able to see if there are any Employer contributions. This information will be presented on the head office site, the client contribution can now be set to zero as well if applicable.
  • Added “Lead Source Name” to Lead Importer in LMS. This is available for you if you want to upload leads into the LMS system from a CSV file. If the “Lead Source Name” as well as the “Lead Source” is provided within the uploaded file, these will be correctly attached to the Lead in LMS.
  • Email Indexation Optimisation – We have changed the way that FinPlan saves Emails within the system, this will result in better loading speed for users that have very heavy email storage use within the system.

Updating Your System

This update will be applied to the cloud servers during the week commencing Monday 29th October. The roll-out will be completed by Friday 23rd November when all users will be updated to the latest version.


With FinPlan, your system is automatically updated with the latest features and bug-fixes.


We welcome your continued feedback, should you have any questions regarding this update, please contact the Service Desk.