FinPlan R9.26 Update

Portal, Mortgage Sourcing and ISA Product Updates

FinPlan R9.26 is now available. Your system may not yet have been updated but you will automatically receive the update when it is applied to your cloud server system.

This major update sees the introduction of a new simplified Client Portal for secure document exchange, enhancements to the popular mortgage sourcing solution and a new Client Reviews report.

The R9.26 release contains the features and enhancements listed below:

  • NEW – Portal multi-company branding
  • NEW  Secure document & message exchange
  • NEW – Short Identity Verification Form
  • NEW – Completed reviews report
  • NEW – Mortgage source for equity release products
  • Improved lead file importer
  • Updated Web Enquiry API for client consent and enquiry appointments
  • Configurable auto-dial delay for LMS
  • Improved Standardised ISA products
  • A number of bug-fixes and corrections.

Portal - Multi-Company Branding

Bluecoat Software can now configure multiple portal brands for each firm. Each theme sets the company name, colours and company logo that will be seen by users of the client portal.


When a portal user is activated in FinPlan, the required theme can be associated with the client. All currently available themes will be shown in the ‘Portal theme’ section of the configuration.

The Portal Theme can be set in the ‘Portal Account Details’ for each client. This determines the branding seen by the user. Once set, the branding cannot be changed without Deactivating and Reactivating the account.

If you would like to use multiple themes on your client portal, please contact [email protected] with your requirements.

Portal - Secure Document Exchange

A new Portal mode is available for each client called ‘Portal Messages & Files Only’.

If a firm does not want to offer the Full Portal to a user, they can choose to activate the client for ‘Portal Messages & Files Only’. This provides a secure mechanism for message and document exchange without showing the financial or policy details held on that client.

Once activated, the portal operates ‘as standard’ with the user/adviser receiving notification messages for messages or documents sent or received but the portal user only has access to the messages and files areas of the portal.

A user on the Secure Messaging and File sharing portal does not have a username and password and, unlike the Full Portal, does not receive an invitation to the portal to create an account. The first time the adviser sends a message or uploads a document for the user they will receive a notification to the email address provided on the portal activation screen.

The client will receive an email notification whenever a new message or document is added. In order to access the details, the client will need to use the link in the email they are sent. The user will then be prompted for their date of birth and either their correspondence postcode or any telephone number recorded in their details to gain access.

FinPlan - Simplified ID Verification Form

A new ‘Simple Identity Verification Form’ is available from the ‘Compliance Documents’ menu at the bottom left-hand side of the client summary.

This form can be made available or removed via the View->Advanced-Options->Compliance Documents screen.

The simplified document only requires a declaration that identity has been verified but does not require the capturing of specific associated details.

FinPlan - Completed Reviews Report

A new ‘Client Reviews Completed’ report has been added to the ‘Client Reports’ section of FinPlan.

Its purpose is to show which reviews have been completed within the time period selected. Typically you would group by Adviser for a summary of the reviews completed.

The Client Review is accessed by going to the Client Summary page and clicking on the arrow next to “Next Client Review”:



For a review to appear on the report, a ‘Date Completed’ must have been recorded against the review, by pressing the ‘Complete Review’ button and recording the date of completion:



Completed reviews appear against the client in the History->Review History screen accessible from the client record.

FinPlan - Sourcing for Equity Release Mortgages

It is now possible to source for Equity Release (Lifetime) mortgages through the integrated mortgage sourcing system.



The features and facilities work as for normal mortgage sourcing but with the Mortgage Type of Equity release.

The new feature will allow a Mortgage Broker to source for Equity Release products within FinPlan for any clients matching the required criteria. If the client is not over the age of 55, no results will be shown.

FinPlan - Enhanced Lead File Importer

A new tool is available via the “Tools->Import Leads from File” menu option. This offers the ability to import ‘leads’ to FinPlan, to be processed as new enquiries through the system.

Leads can optionally include appointments and adviser allocation information.

The import format is flexible and default values can be provided to populate a field in FinPlan where there is no data in the file.



When run, the CSV file containing the leads is selected by the user. The first line of the CSV file must contain the column headings. The screenshot above is only an example of a few of the fields that can be pulled across.

The user is then presented with a configuration tool where they state the FinPlan field(s) that will be populated with the data in the source file.

The tool remembers the last configuration used so will not require re-configuration if presented with a file in the same format at a future point in time.

When importing Adviser or User names as part of a lead, the text must match the ‘full name’ as shown in FinPlan.

Should you require any assistance with configuring the lead importer for your data source, please contact [email protected].

FinPlan - Standardised ISA Products

New ISA products have been added to FinPlan to standardise on the naming of these products.

The new ISA products are labelled as:
ISA – Equity
ISA – Cash
ISA – Lifetime
ISA – Junior
ISA – Innovative Finance

The legacy ‘Junior ISA’, ‘NISA’, ‘Lifetime ISA’ have been archived but no products have been updated in the user data. This means that you will still see ‘NISA’ as a product type but can no longer add a ‘NISA’ product to the system.

None of the siting policy types will change – so a policy currently set to ‘NISA’ will need to be manually updated (if required).

The Query builder can still be used to help identify clients who hold an ISA product but have not made contributions to the current ISA limit in the past financial year. This will consider all ISA products including legacy products such as ‘Maxi ISA’, ‘NISA’ and ‘Cash ISA’ etc.

The default ISA limit has been raised to £20,000 when searching for ISA contributions using the query builder.

Web Enquiry API - New Elements for Consent and Enquiry Appointments

The Web Lead API documentation has been updated to include new Client Consent fields and the Appointment elements added for the file importer.

Please contact [email protected] for a copy of the latest API documentation.

LMS - Configurable Call Delay

It is now possible to configure a global delay in LMS so that user’s working on a call queue have time to review the lead before the telephone call is automatically dialled.

This is configured as part of the ‘Search’ and it is possible to set the number of seconds delay required from 0+. A value of 0 makes the system operate as normal with the call being initiated as soon as the lead is presented.

It is possible to disable automated dialling completely.

In all cases, the user can initiate the call manually in advance of the ‘delay’ if required, so if they are ‘ready’ they don’t have to wait for the timeout to expire to initiate the call.

For more details of the Lead Management System (LMS) software, please contact [email protected].

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Client and Partner Smoker flags are now available columns in the client reports;
  • Client and Partner email addresses are now available in the Business Written Breakdown Report;
  • New ‘Life Assured’ columns are available in the Business Breakdown Reports to identify the life assured on each policy;
  • A bug in the Head Office Funds Under management Report has been corrected;
  • Enquiries assigned to Inactive advisers can now be re-assigned;
  • Portal messages in FinPlan now have a scrollbar for longer messages;
  • Can now group Enquiry reports by ‘Enquiry Source’ as well as ‘Enquiry Source & Name’;
  • Portal notification messages can now be sent from framework tasks;
  • Workflow tasks with the same name from different frameworks are now grouped in Workflows;
  • Tables, with coloured borders and cell shading, are now supported in Suitability Templates;
  • Bulk valuations can now be linked to business clients as well as personal;
  • A bug has been fixed whereby the grouping led to incorrect capitalisation on certain reports. e.g. Lead Source Name separating “Company” and “company”;
  • There is now a configuration option allowing the Site Manager to configure the Enquiry/Lead Source Name field into free-text or drop-down only;
  • The duplicate check now includes all email addresses attached to a client file rather than only the “Main Email Address”. This does not include partner email addresses.