FinPlan R9.27 Release Notes

September Update - Fix-up and New Features

FinPlan R9.27 is now available. Your system may not have been updated yet, but you will automatically receive the update when it is applied to your cloud server.

We are bringing you the September Update based on the feedback that we have received from you. This release sees the addition of a number of new features listed below, as well as a number of fixup items.

  • New – Reporting: Non-Chargeable Work, new filters added to reporting;
  • New – Reporting: ‘Enquiry created’ date filter added to reporting suite;
  • New – Framework: You can now activate the Client Portal and record client consent in the frameworks;
  • New – Fact Find: We have added the ability to enter help text within the Fact Find; and
  • A number of bug fixes and corrections.

Reporting - Non Chargeable Work

We have added new filters to the Invoice reporting which will allow you to report on Non-Chargeable work. This will give you the ability to run reports on the amount of time spent on specific tasks.

This will allow you to harness more information out of your FinPlan system whilst using the built-in “Timer” function.

Below, you will find a step by step instructions on how to create this report:

1. In the FinPlan Reporting Suite click on “Create Custom Report”;

2. Choose the report you are looking to configure. In this case, the “Report Area” is “Client Fees”, the Type is “Invoice” and you can choose one of the report styles from the list;

3. Click on “Advanced Filtering”;

4. “Fee Status”;

5. Select “Not Billable”.




Reporting - “Enquiry Created Date” Filter

We have added a new filter to the enquiry reports within FinPlan so that you can report on when the enquiry was created.


Frameworks - Navigate to “Client Portal Activation” Page

You can now set up a task to take you directly to the “Client Portal Activation” screen from within your frameworks. This will allow you to quickly and effortlessly set up a new client on the Portal while remaining within your normal enquiry process. If you would like this option set up on your system, please contact the Service Desk through the button available on the FinPlan Home Page or at [email protected].

Frameworks - Navigate to “Client Consent” Screen

This feature will allow you to set up a task in your frameworks taking you to the “Client Consent” screen. As above, this new feature will allow you to save time and seamlessly switch from the enquiry page through to the “Client Consents” section of the client file. If you would like this option set up on your system, please contact the Service Desk through the button available on the FinPlan Home Page or at [email protected].

Fact Find Help Text

We have added a new feature within the Fact Find allowing you to add extra “help text” to Fact Find questions. This option can be used to ensure that the correct questions are asked or it can be used to contain a specific script on a Fact Find field.




The text is linked to a specific question within the Fact Find and will appear when your advisor reaches that point.

To customise the text, click on the ‘Page Outline’ button. This is available to users with a permission level of Company Manager. Once the text is set, it will be applied to that specific question in all of the different fact find templates.


Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Sending Emails without attachments is now possible with versions of Office 2013;
  • Mortgage Sourcing: address details are now mandatory when creating a Suitability Letter (RWL) and will pull through into the Mortgage Record once the business is written;
  • Changing the active advisor on an enquiry was not possible, this has now been corrected;
  • The Duplication Check will now be run automatically for all client email addresses rather than the main email address only;
  • The Enquiry History screen now shows Summary details if provided or the enquiry type if not. For the ‘New Enquiry’ type only, the Summary is displayed if given, if not, the selected “Financial Priorities” are listed. If neither of these are provided the item is left blank;
  • The warning message has been updated when the ‘None’ option is used for the commission profile;
  • The RMAR report has been updated so that when override dates are used on profiles they are honoured in the RMAR report;
  • The Commission Profile display for ongoing commission now shows the Start Date. If the policy “Issued Date” has been overridden, the new date will be shown.

Updating Your System

This update will be applied to the cloud servers starting in the week commencing Monday 17th September. The roll-out will be completed by Friday 28th September when all users will have been updated to the latest version.

There is no action you need to take to receive the update. With FinPlan, your system is automatically updated with the latest features and bug-fixes.


We welcome your continued feedback, should you have any questions regarding this update, please contact the Service Desk.