Introducing FinPlan

A workflow based solution for client management and business processing.

Key points:

  • Use Workflow to manage your daily activities;
  • Complete or re-schedule all of the tasks that are allocated;
  • Ensure your Workflow is cleared each day.

Getting Started

To access the FinPlan system you will need a Username & Password.
Do not share your user account with anyone else.
If you require any further assistance with this, please email [email protected]


(1) The main Toolbar. Hover your mouse over an icon to see what it does. Click on the ‘Home’ icon to jump back here where-ever you are in FinPlan;

(2) Access the Workflows. Adviser Workflow for enquiry processing and client management, Administration Workflow for case tracking;

(3) Get in touch! Use the buttons to contact Bluecoat Software or get assistance from the Service Desk;

(4) Add new clients and enquiries;

(5) Access the Report Suite for insight to your business;

(6) Click on your most recently accessed clients to jump straight to their records;

(7) Find out about advanced features and read help articles offering guidance on how to best utilise the system.

Workflow - Effective Task Management

(1) The left-hand column of the Workflow shows different sections. A count displayed next to a section title indicates the number of tasks within that section that requires review today.

(2) Double-click on an item to jump to that specific stage in the process. From there you can complete the task or reschedule for a future date.

(3) Ensure your name appears in the ‘Administrator’ filter to see just your tasks.

At the end of the day, your Workflow should be EMPTY.

The FinPlan Process

(1) Record the New Enquiry and capture the details of the client’s requirements;

(2) This starts the Adviser Process – a checklist of actions to take to deal with the enquiry. Track the Adviser Process through the Adviser Workflow;

(3) As part of the process, complete a fact find. For existing clients, this will simply be an update of their current circumstances;

(4) Complete and research and generate any quotes required;

(5) Add the details of the new proposals to the system. Record the income expectation;

(6) This starts the Administration Process – a checklist of actions to track the proposal through application and underwriting. Track the Administration Process through the Administration Workflow;

(7) When the business issues, update the FinPlan records to record the Start Date of the policy and the policy number;

(8) Schedule your next Policy Review and, if all of the required business has been transacted, also schedule your next formal Client Review based on the servicing proposition in force for that client;

(9) The income derived from the business can now be recorded against the client.