Adding Clients & Enquiries

Key points:

  • A client should appear in your system only once. Don’t add duplicates;
  • Add the client and enquiry at first contact to start a new Adviser Process;
  • If your enquiry is from an existing client, record the New Enquiry against the existing record.

New Client = New Enquiry

Add details of a new client and their enquiry at the point of the first contact. This starts the Adviser Process.

Do not wait until you write business to add the client details to your system.


(1) Pressing ‘Add New Client’ prompts for basic details;

(2) Enter sufficient information to identify the client;

(3) Choose the Enquiry Type to start the New Enquiry Wizard;

(4) Press ‘Finish’ when you have entered the enquiry details to start the Adviser Process.

Working with Existing Clients

If you receive an enquiry from a client who is already on FinPlan you do not add their details again.

(1) Search for the client from the Home Page.

(2) Add the New Enquiry from the Client Summary screen.


After you have added your New Enquiry, a new Adviser Process will be created and you can manage the process through the Adviser Workflow.

➠ You don’t add a new enquiry every time the client calls. A new enquiry is used to start the Adviser Process – so add it only when a new process is required.

➠ You don’t add a new enquiry to start the Administration Process on a new case or policy. Add a new Administration Framework against a policy to start the Administration Process.