Using Reports

Key points:

  • The Practice Management report provides a complete analysis of each month’s activities;
  • Income can be reported and analysed;
  • Client Portfolio report shows fund analysis and performance.

Practice Management Report

The FinPlan Report Suite provides everything you need to analyse and manage your firm’s performance.

Each month, you should refer to the Practice Management Report.

This comprehensive analysis covers all aspects of your business (Written, Issued and Received figures) as well as showing Pipeline and Outstanding commission.


Each Adviser has a personal analysis report which provides a summary of their own figures, whilst the company owners and managers can run the full report, based on details from all advisers.

Reporting Income

FinPlan provides an Income Report to analyse and summarise income over any period, and broken down by source (client or provider) as well as the adviser.


There are three types of report available in the Report Suite:

  • Analysis Report: shows the totals of the report over the specified period;
  • Trend Report: shows the totals month by month over the specified time period;
  • Breakdown report: shows the detail of every item in the specified report period.

Accessing Reports

(1) Press the chart button on the Toolbar to access the Report Suite;

(2) Choose the report category from the left-hand column;

(3) The Practice Management Report is part of the MI & Compliance section;

(4) The Adviser Report provides an analysis report for a specific Adviser;

(5) Income Analysis, Breakdown and Trend Reports are available in their own section of the Report Suite.

Client Portfolio Report

The main Report Suite provides analysis across all clients and business transacted.

The Client Portfolio Report provides a client-facing report for a single client (or joint-couple) detailing their current investments and holdings.


To generate a Portfolio Report for a client, open the client record and access the Reports at the bottom left-hand side of the screen and choose Portfolio report.