Client Portal

Safe, secure, encrypted communication with all of your clients.

Key points:

  • Email is insecure and should not be used for client communication;
  • The FinPlan Client Portal should be used for all client communication;
  • Client Portal provides two-way document exchange, portfolio access and fact find updates.

Secure Communications

The Client Portal provides a secure two-way communication platform between you and your client. Just like the high-street banks and larger financial organisations, you don’t send the client confidential information or documents via email; but use the Client Portal to exchange messages and documents.

Each of your clients will have a personal account they can use on their laptop, tablet or phone to access the Portal and send or receive messages and documents at any time of day or night.

Because the Client portal is integrated with FinPlan, they can see the policy and fact find details you hold and updated details become immediately available.

(1) Activate your clients for Client Portal access as soon as possible;

(2) Make sure they understand the importance of secure communications;

(3) Use the integrated ‘Send to Client Portal’ functions to quickly upload documents or send secure communications to your clients;

(4) Use the Client Portal Activation Report to monitor which clients have activated their account or those who may need some assistance;

(5) Make the Client Portal your main communication platform with clients.

Activating Clients for the Portal

To activate a client for Portal access, you need their personal email address and ideally their mobile phone number.

To enhance the security of the platform, users need an Activation Code when they first log into the system or create a new account.


(1) Check you have an email address and ideally a mobile number for the client;

(2) Use the Client->FinPlan Portal Activation menu option to activate the client.

Once activated, the client will receive an invitation email to access the Portal. When they click on the link in the email they will be guided through accessing the Portal, activating their account and accepting the terms and conditions of the Portal.

This will create a user account and password that can be re-used from that point onward to access the Portal.

Whenever you send the client a message or upload a new document to the Portal, the client will receive a notification email informing them and they can view, download and reply through the Portal.

Run the Client Portal Activation Report (found in the Client Report section of the report suite) to see which clients have activated their account.