How can we help you today?

Key points:

  • Use in-app Service Desk button or visit;
  • The support ticket system provides visibility of your issues and the actions taken;
  • Extensive knowledge base lets you ‘self-serve’ answers fast.

FinPlan is an easy system to use. If you understand the core principles of the system and follow the recommended practices, you will find the system productive and an enabling tool that lets you work smarter.

No one has the time or inclination to spend hours learning features of a system that they may use only once a year – so when you need a hand to do something new, use the Service Desk to help.

Just the Ticket

You deal with a lot of emails every day. Thankfully your FinPlan Support won’t add to this deluge.

The Bluecoat Software Service Desk delivers an exceptional support service via

1. When you raise a support ticket you’ll receive an acknowledgement so you know we’re aware of your issue.

2. Tickets are immediately routed to the first level support team who will answer your query from a library of frequently asked questions and guides.

3. Should your query be more complicated, the ticket can be escalated within Bluecoat Software for a tailor-made response.

4. When an investigation or more detailed analysis is required for your issue, you can follow progress online and see status updates from the team.

Continual enhancement

We welcome your input, feedback and suggestions for ways to improve our processes and the software.

Whilst we are not able to engage with you in every request or suggestion, we regularly pool the most popular suggestions and use these to drive forward system development – adding new features and enhancements to an already powerful system.

You can submit a Feature Request via and let us know how your business could be improved further.