Bluecoat Software provides data migration services to assist in the adoption of your new FinPlan system and to reduce the need to re-key all of your existing client data. The basic options are detailed below along with the benefits and costs of each solution so that you can make an informed decision as to how best to proceed.

It is important to recognise from the outset that ‘data transfer’ is not a panacea when considering a transfer of digital records from one system to another. Inevitably, there will not always be parity between the system data structures and therefore the law of diminishing returns applies regarding the allocation of financial resources to solve some transfer issues.

However, it is certainly desirable to move well bounded and good quality data from your legacy systems and this will provide tangible benefits when your new FinPlan solution is deployed. The primary purpose of the data transfer is not to replicate all of the details that existed in your source system — but to ensure that the fundamental client and policy details are available within FinPlan so that the commission process can be effectively completed.

The choice is yours

Standard migration service

  • This service offers a cost-effective automated solution to migrate the basic client, plan data and documents from a nominated list of standard systems to FinPlan.

Bespoke migration service

  • Our Bespoke service offers the scope to fully customise and enhance the data migration to meet your requirements. We will manage the project through the specification of the requirements for the technical analysis of your data and ultimately the development of the software required to complete the migration.

1. Standard migration service

The Standard service is designed to provide a cost-effective migration of data from your existing system. This service is available from the system providers listed and will migrate a selected number of fields from these systems to FinPlan, as detailed below.

Client/Partner FieldsPlan FieldsMortgage FieldsProviders
Title, Forenames, SurnamePlan TypeMortgage TypeSenro
Address, Telephone Numbers, FaxCurrent StatusCurrent StatusIRESS Avelo
Email Address, Owning AdviserPolicy NumberAccount NumberCapita
Sex, NI Number, Date of BirthProviderLenderCCL
Smoker, Marital Status, NationalityPolicy OwnerMortgage HolderDurrell
Employment Status, Client Status, Review DataRMAR Report CategoryMortgage Property AddressIntelliflo
Business Name, Address, TelephoneRMAR Policy TypeMortgage AmountJCS
Email Address, Owning AdviserReview DateInterest RatePlum Software
Client Status, Review DateReview Date

2. Bespoke migration service

Bluecoat Software offers a Bespoke migration service for firms whose requirements go beyond the provisions of the Standard service. If your data is not in one of the Standard packages listed, or if you require additional details to be migrated, the Bespoke service is your starting point.

What can be done?

For a fixed cost, we will undertake an initial evaluation of your data and provide you with guidance as to what it is possible to achieve from a Bespoke migration.

You must accept that each source system may encode the data in different ways and that during the translation between systems it is not always possible to find a ‘home’ for source data that is represented in the original system. Whilst extracted details can always be added to notes, this can result in records that are full of ‘data’ – but deliver little useful information.

If you require data cleansing or de-duplication of your existing data, this can also be considered as part of the Bespoke migration.


The initial charge to perform an analysis of the source data is £850+VAT. From this we will present guidance on what is likely to be achievable during the migration, it may be, however, that more analysis time is required to provide a complete analysis of the source data.

Once we have confirmed your requirements for the migration, a formal quotation for the Bespoke service will be generated that will set out the project timescale and charges. You will be charged £850+VAT per day for the project work and this will first generate a migration definition document that will identify every item of data that will be migrated to the new FinPlan system. You should expect a typical Bespoke migration to cost between £8,000+VAT and £12,000+VAT.

Bespoke migration projects typically take between 5 and 20 days to complete depending on the complexity of the requirements.

Putting it all together

Whether you choose the Standard or Bespoke service, we will manage the migration process and ensure that you are aware of the costs, timescales and deliverables for the project.

Manual Processing
Some firms will have old, outdated and poorly maintained data records that have ‘evolved’ over a number of years. Transferring poor quality data does not improve the quality of the end result and some firms take the opportunity of adopting a new and improved back office solution to ‘start again’. The advantage of keying in the relevant and current records for the firm are manyfold:

– You can focus on the currently active clients and ignore historic and legacy records;
– You can take the opportunity to review contact and plan details to ensure that all information is current and up-to-date;
– You do not perpetuate old methods of recording details that are not appropriate to your new system;
– The keying process provides an effective platform for users to gain familiarity with the system and its features.

Next Steps
Please contact a member of the New Business Team should you have any further questions or if you would like assistance in making your decision. Once you have decided to proceed we will issue an initial order for the analysis work which will need to be returned to confirm your requirements.

The migration process

We aim to make the data transfer process as straightforward as possible.

Obtaining the copy of your data

We will need to obtain a copy of your data. A member of the client services team will contact you to arrange this. It may be possible to use some form of an electronic transfer to collect your data, or you may need to arrange to get the data added to a DVD, or USB device such as a memory stick or hard-disk and then post the media to us. We cannot start our analysis work until we have received the data.


Analysis of your data

We will perform an initial analysis of your data and identify the data elements that we will be including in the data transfer. Once we have completed the analysis, we will prepare a report for you that details the counts of records that will be transferred.


Counts of the records

Our analysis will include counts of the records found and you will need to ensure that these match your expectations for numbers of clients and policies.


Signing the document

When we submit the analysis report to you we will ask you to sign the document to confirm it meets your expectation and you wish to proceed with the transfer as defined by the
Analysis and the Data Transfer Summary documents.


Proceeding with the transfer

Once we have received your signed Analysis and any required payments have been received we will proceed with the transfer as set out in the analysis document.


Reviewing the transferred data

You will then be able to review the transferred data and ensure it matches the reported analysis.


Final transfer

Before your system goes ’live’ we will perform a final transfer with the very latest source data available to ensure that all ‘current’ details are up to date.


It is important to understand that the purpose of a data transfer is not to replicate all details from your source system to FinPlan. Whilst this seems like an attractive proposition, the reality is that it is not practical. Different systems encode data in different ways and just because you can ‘see’ the details, it is not always possible to translate these to FinPlan.

The primary purpose of a data transfer is to build the policy database so that when commissions are received they can be automatically allocated to the correct plans. You should expect that there will be some manual processing for your data, post-transfer. Most firms will tackle this by updating the clients and policies that they are currently working on (their pipeline) and then taking the time to ensure that they have complete records for any client when they perform their next review.

You may wish to consider keeping a single-user legacy system that holds your source data so that you can refer to this to update FinPlan whilst you complete the transition to FinPlan.

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